Homeless in front of a pharmacy from the network Le Carillon





We strongly believe in the importance of social connections in local districts. Our purpose is to enhance the everyday life of people living in precarity by creating positive and durable change. We bring together shopkeepers, our partners, and neighborhood residents to create a supportive community for people experiencing social exclusion; giving them the chance to (re)create social connections and escape isolation


Shopkeepers put labels on their windows to welcome people in need and indicate the services and products offered to them. By doing so, they help socially excluded people feel less rejected, which in turn helps them to (re)gain self-confidence. Shopkeepers do not only provide food or useful services, they offer moments of social connection and friendliness. 

Likewise, locals can identify the businesses involved in The Chime's network and pay for services (meals, drinks, haircuts) that will then be put ‘on hold’ for someone without a home, looking for assistance. It's a win-win situation: businesses will be featured on The Chime's website and  benefit from a new customer network and The Chime's street teams let people living in precarious situations know which businesses are participating so that they can use their services and create social connections.

Drawing of social link on a shopkeeper's showcase


The initiatives of The Chime all have the same goals : 

  • Fight social exclusion & promote coexistence in societies

  • Empower citizens with and without homes

  • Enhance the daily life of excluded people

After being contacted by several citizens around the world, the association La Cloche decided to create The Chime in order to share their expertise and support social initiatives.

Now, The Chime has expanded its action to 17 cities in 6 countries, which means awareness is being raised and daily actions are being made by volunteers, citizens and businesses around the world

83% of homeless people feel rejected by their fellow-citizens. This reject hinders their sense of belonging.

94% of citizens would like to do more to tackle socail exclusion, but feel helpless as to how to do so.

Material items are not enough. Social connection is just as important as material goods, and leads to a better inclusion of people in the society.



Created in 2015 Le Carillon, first network of The Chime, arose from the conviction that each of us, by simple daily gestures, can chip in to improve the everyday life of people living in precarious situations.


For a person living in the street, accessing basic products and services is not simple. In fact, getting access to water, electricity, heat or food can be very difficult.


Many storekeepers and local residents were already acting, in an informal way, to improve the everyday life of  homeless people. However, there wasn't any structure inplace to coordinate these individual initiatives.

The purpose of "Le Carillon", using the logistics and infrastructure of every shopkeeper, is to offer any homeless people basic services and assistance, as a way to better their everyday life.


It's by the multiplication of united little actions that we can, all together, restore dignity to people in need and allow them to find a place within their community.

Labels and logo of the network le carillon