Created in 2015 Le Carillon, first network of The Chime, arose from the inner conviction that each of us, by simple daily gestures, can contribute to improve the everyday life of people in precarious situations.

For a person living in the street, accessing basic products and services is not simple. Indeed, getting access to water, electricity, heat or food can be difficult.

Many storekeepers and local residents were already acting, in an informal way, to improve the everyday life of the homeless people. However, there wasn't any structure already established to value and gather these individual initiatives.

The purpose of "Le Carillon", using the logistics and infrastructure of every shopkeeper, is to offer any homeless people basic services and assistance, in a way to better his everyday life. It is then by the multiplication of united little actions that we can, all together, restore some dignity to people in need and allow them to find the necessary confidence for, tomorrow, reach a new stage in their social integration process.

83% of homeless feel rejected by their fellow-citizens. This reject prevent their sense of belonging.

A feeling of exclusion

94% of citizens would like to do more to tackle great exclusion but feel helpless and do not know what to do

The will to act

Material is not enough. Social link is as important and lead to a better inclusion of people in the society.

The hierachy of needs

The networks of The Chime all have the same goals : 

  • Break social exclusion & promote coexistence in societies

  • Empower citizens 

  • Enhance homeless people's life

Our purpose is to enhance the everyday life of people in precarious situation by creating a positive and durable change. Our network composed of storekeepers and of any neighbourhood residents is a mean to give homeless people a chance to get out of exclusion. We are convinced about the importance of social connections in local districts

Shopkeepers can display their partnership with the Chime’s network via a window sticker system. The stickers show which services are freely offered to people in need (toilet, meal, phone charge, haircut, phone call). They are used as a label of solidarity allowing homeless people to recognise which businesses are helping them.


Furthermore, locals can also identify different businesses involved in the network and pay for products (meals, drinks, haircuts) that will then be put ‘on hold’ for the homeless that come looking for assistance. It is a win-win situation: business will be featured on The Chime website and therefore benefit from a new customer network. What’s more, Le Carillon street teams let the homeless know which businesses are place to raise awareness so that what is available to them and involved.

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