Created in 2015 Le Carillon arose from the inner conviction that each, by simple daily gestures, can contribute to improve the everyday life of people in need or in any difficult situation.

For a person living in the street the access to basic products, services and energies is not simple. Getting access to water, electricity, heat or food can be difficult.

It can be the same for accessing toilets, showers and an haircut.

Many storekeepers and local residents were already acting, in a informal way, to improve the everyday life of the homeless but no structure was already able to value and gather these individual initiatives.

The purpose of "Le Carillon", using the logistics and infrastructure of every shopkeeper, is to offer any homeless people basic services and assistance, in a way to better his everyday life. It is then by the multiplication of united little actions that we can, all together, restore some dignity to people in need and allow them to find the necessary confidence for, tomorrow, reach a new stage in their social integration process.


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