Le Carillon


Le Carillon was the first network of The Chime. It was founded in November 2015 in the 11th district of Paris by Louis-Xavier Leca, a young social entrepreneur. 

Le Carillon now exists in 8 french cities and counts with around a 1000 businesses who offer free services and/or products to people living in precarious conditions. These products, often a meal or a hot drink, can be prepaid by clients or by the shopkeeper. 

The network Le Carillon is part of the La Cloche organisation which aims at preventing social exclusion of homeless people. This is possible by changing the way these people are perceived and how they perceive themselves.

Le Carillon chimes with an inclusive approach, that each person is encouraged to take part in the project no matter their background. For them, an essential factor to social inclusion is that beneficiaries can get involved in the formation of social bonds. Among Le Carillon's volunteers some of them have experienced or are currently experiencing life in the street. These volunteers help organise the monthly events where everyone is welcome !

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