Our purpose is to enhance the everyday life of people in precarious situation by creating a positive and durable change. Our network citizen composed of storekeepers and any neighbourhood residents is a mean to give homeless a chance to get out of exclusion. We are convinced about the importance of social link in local districts. 

Shopkeepers can display their partnership with Le Carillon via a window sticker system. The stickers show which services they can freely offer the homeless (toilet, meal, phone charge, haircut, phone call). This allows homeless people to recognise the establishments where they know they will be welcomed - effectively a label of solidarity.


Furthermore, locals can also identify the businesses involved and can pay for products (meals, drinks, haircuts) that will then be put ‘on hold’ for the homeless that come looking for assistance. It is a win-win situation: business will be featured on Le Carillon website and therefore benefit from a new customer network. What’s more, Le Carillon street teams let the homeless know which businesses are place to raise awareness so that what is available to them and involved.

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